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I'm a Little Snowman Short and Fat

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I'm a Little Snowman Short and Fat

I’m a little snowman short and fat (stand with arms in circle above stomach)
Here are my buttons (Point down front of shirt) Here is my hat (Pat top of head)
When the sun comes out (make sun with hands in circle above head)
I cannot play (shake head “no”) Slowly I just melt away (Bend slowly down to floor)

Another rendition(can be done with puppets:  1 small snowman and 1 large snowman)

I'm a little snowman, short and fat,                            (hold up small snowman puppet)

Here is my scarf,                                                     (fluff out scarf on the puppet)

Here is my hat.                                                        (point to hat on the puppet)

When it starts a snowing, I'm an acrobat,

I roll and I roll till I'm big and fat!                                (roll small puppet under scarf on your lap, where the large snowman is hidden,

                                                                               & hide small puppet inside large snowman puppet;

                                                                                then, reveal the large snowman puppet with a flourish!)

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