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Black Diamond - Friends, March 8, 10

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The Adventures of Max and Pinky Best Buds by Maxwell Eaton III 

A Friend for Minerva Louise by Janet Morgan Stoeke

Pepo and Lolo are Friends by Ana Martin Larranaga

There Are Cats in This Book by Viviane Schwarz

Dinosaurs in Cars Dinos at Covi by Nancy Stewart

Here's a Cup of Tea
Here's a cup, and here's a cup
(make circles with thumbs and index fingers on each hand and extend arms)
And here's a pot of tea.
(make fist with one hand, extend thumb for spout)
Pour a cup, and pour a cup
(tip fist to pour)
And have a drink with me.
(make drinking motions)

Here is a box.
Put on the lid.
I wonder whatever inside is hid…
I bet it’s a…
Without any doubt
Take of the lid
And let it pop out!

Friends, friends everywhere
As far as I can see
How many friends do we have?
Count them now with me!